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Live In Norwich

The RVNG reissue of Sync Or Swim has sold out within a few weeks of release. I still have some here at URHQ and a few of the Felixstowe Rocks cassette as well.

The live rig used for the gig in Stockport last year came out again on August 20th for an Evening of Contemporary Noise Music at St Margaret's Church of Art in Norwich.

After fine performances of electronic music by Samuel Wiggins, How The Man Do, Vostok, and Ryan Jordan's fearsomely intense Noise=Noise, the Ampersand Noise Ensemble played a very visual and loud set conjured from their collection of gongs, found metal instruments and electronics. A joy to behold and listen to of which I am sure Harry Partch would have thoroughly approved.

It fell to me to fill the final hour.

I feared my music would sound like something on Radio 2 by comparison but two stabilised improvisations, Sandstorm and Last Day Of Summer, were well received and are now available on bandcamp and as Rimarimba : Live In Norwich URCD13.

My thanks to Simon Nunn of Cinecide Promotions for organising the evening.

More live bookings are welcomed. The initial anxieties of facing an audience have gone and I'm looking forward to the next gig, wherever and whenever.


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