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A lot has happened this year too...

Actually, as this blog has not been updated for far too long I have to start in 2019.

Longform Editions released Rimarimba : Sea, Sure, See, Sure? in their ongoing series of umm...long...pieces of music. Poke about on Bandcamp for the L E page.

There is some fine music there.

After the release of The Rimarimba Collection, RVNG persuaded me to do a gig.

A slightly daunting prospect having never played live!

A new composition of sound affects and layers of instruments which could be mixed/remixed on my Tascam DP32 as a performance of sorts was completed with hours to spare.

I was the support for Michele Mercure on 12th November at Cafe Oto, where the Sun Ra Arkestra and Robert Wyatt have played. Nothing like starting at the top. My 25 minute piece, Wisdom Of Crowds, was well received and can be heard on You Tube and purchased via Bandcamp.

And so to 2020. Tom at All Night Flight Records in Stockport convinced me to stage 'an evening with Rimarimba' in the room over his shop. A Scratch Orchestra struck me as being a sensible project for the event. A backing loop was duly posted to You Tube with instructions as to what to do with it and publicised by Tom in the shop and on the All Night Flight website. Amazingly, several very capable musicians turned up on the evening of 29th February and we cranked of a piece playfully entitled 'pareidolia'. I reprised Wisdom Of Crowds and played three solo pieces on guitar mutated through an indecent number of pedals in order to achieve a smeary ambient sound. Videos from the evening are on You Tube too.

A live career beckoned and then SARS-CoV-2 struck. At some point this strange hiatus will presumably end and live music will resume - if there are any venues left and the owners, sound engineers, bar staff etc haven't given up in despair and gone to work for Amazon or the Waitrose online delivery service.

The Beware Of Falling Bicycles set is on Bandcamp and will be issued on cassette and CDr later this month (October). As always, new music is taking shape at URHQ and will emerge blinking into the daylight at some point.

The next update might be less than 2 years away - who knows?


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