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All releases on Unlikely Records unless specified otherwise.


1977 General Motors : IOW 76/7                 Cassette     URT80

1981 The Same : Sync Or Swim                  Cassette       URT17

                                                         Vinyl             UR17

1982 The Same : Down Town / Du-Ma Casa  Vinyl          URS49

1982 Robert Cox : Random Musics              Cassette      URT83

                                                         1/3 of CDr  URCD10

1983 Rimarimba : Below The Horizon          Cassette      URT83

                                          Vinyl            Cordelia ERICAT008

                                                   Freedom To Spend FTS005

1984 Robert Cox : Music Without Edges      Cassette      URT85

                                                         2/3 of CDr  URCD10

1984 Robert Cox : A Short Delay                Cassette      URT86

                                                        3/3 of CDr  URCD10

1984 Rimarimba : On Dry Land                   Cassette      URT87

                                          Vinyl            Cordelia ERICAT008

                                               Freedom To Spend FTS006

1985 Rimarimba : In The Woods                Cassette      URT89

                                       Vinyl                              UR89

                                               Freedom To Spend FTS007

1986 Rimarimba : Gone To Hell In A Bucket   Cassette    URT105

                                                         CDr          URCD07

      Download (part of) from Unlikely Recordings on bandcamp

1987 Rimarimba : Chicago Death Excretion Geometry

                                                         Cassette     URT89

                                                         CDr          URCD08

                  Download from Unlikely Recordings on bandcamp

                                       Vinyl                 Hamster HAM20

1988 Rimarimba : Light Metabolism Number Prague

                                       Vinyl  Freedom To Spend FTS008

2018 Rimarimba : Sea, Shore, See, Sure?

           Download from Longform Editions LE021 on bandcamp

2019 Rimarimba : Beware Of Falling Bicycles  Cassette    URT120

                                                          CDr          URCD12

                  Download from Unlikely Recordings on bandcamp

2019 Rimarimba : Wisdom Of Crowds

                 Download from Unlikely Recordings on bandcamp

Some of the above are on the Unlikely Recordings You Tube channel along with old and new unreleased material too.

Most of the cassettes, CDrs and vinyl can be purchased on ebay and discogs.

Alternatively you can request a catalogue from unlikelyrecordings@outlook.com

Contributions were also made to various compilations in the 1980s. These are mostly lost in the mists of time.






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