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A lot happened last year....

RVNG Intl reissued Below The Horizon, On Dry Land, In The Woods, and Light Metabolism Number Prague as the Rimarimba Collection. It sold out immediately...golly...

BTH has also been released separately with ODL and ITW following on this year.

A rolling programme of Unlikely re-issues is also under way. The Same - Sync Or Swim, Robert Cox - Random Musics, Rimarimba - Chicago Death Excretion Geometry are already available from Discogs and on ebay in both cassette and CDr format and as downloads from Bandcamp.

A new Rimarimba release - Beware Of Falling Bicycles - will appear soon in double cassette and 2CDr editions and is already on Bandcamp.

A 60+ minute ambient piece recorded in October 2018 entitled Sea, Shore, See, Sure? is due for release by Longform Editions, Sydney, Australia in April 2019.

New material is being thought about, planned and generally sketched out for 2019 and 2020; expect a successor to CDEG, 20 three minute miniatures and a work for strings.

Onwards and upwards...

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